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Botstar Training Bootcamp is an A-Z series of simple, easy to understand, over the shoulder training crafted by 7 figure experts to easily pull in results like this:
Here’s A Breakdown Of What You Get… Top Level Strategies From Chatbot Marketing EXPERTS:

Module 1: Promotion & TRAFFIC

You’ll see how to configure, optimise and set up your chatbot the right way, so it’s set up to be a guaranteed winner. How to BEST promote your chatbots on Facebook, Google & Youtube … with both FREE & explosive traffic methods… to build your messenger lists FAST.

Module 2: Optimizing Botstar Chatbots For ANY Niche

You’ll get insider secrets for creating chatbots for clients in ANY niche - so you can profit from a HUGE range of customers across eCommerce, video, affiliate marketing and local businesses.

Module 3: CONNECT To Profit

You can literally walk down the street & sign up MULTIPLE businesses happy to pay you 4 figures per chatbot, including a monthly maintenance fee on top. Your favourite restaurant, gym, garage or spa could be YOUR next client.

Module 4: Effortless Automation

Unleash ALL the tech inside Botstar for hands-free marketing. You get walk-through videos that show you how to AUTOMATE all this for PASSIVE profits … from how to promote, engage new leads, convert sales & retain new customers.

Module 5: Audience Targeting

You’ll see how to create & SEGMENT new audiences for the best results And get HIGH LEVEL strategies for using scarcity, surveys, NEW products & even webinars to pull MORE buyers into your automated funnels.

Module 6: Advanced Traffic, Leads & Sales Generation

Unlock MORE qualified leads, drive FLOODS of traffic with Messenger ads, skyrocket sales with scarcity, and engage leads with polls & surveys

Module 7: Specialized Chatbot Marketing Tactics

PROVEN methods from 7 figure chatbot marketers for free referral traffic, increasing customer value & skyrocketing conversions with both social proof & urgency. 

PLUS unique methods for building your Botstar messenger list with lead magnets, and increasing engagement with both chat blast & drip campaigns.

Module 8: Chatbot Design Best Practices

Secret marketing hacks for your chatbot flows…
Making your chatbots fun & likeable to every user…
Pro-level chat blasting practices AND staying 100% compliant with Facebook. 
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You’ll now have access to 40 full-featured chatbots.

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Having 40 at your fingertips for such a low one-time price is insane value.

Bootcamp Exclusive Bonus #2 - Add Up To 40 Team Members!
If you take full advantage of your included commercial rights - and we hope you do - you’ll find having this many team members is a HUGE help.

Outsource literally EVERY part of chatbot creation & maintenance to your team…
So you can focus on enjoying life and collecting the profits.  

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